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In order to qualify to organize a run, you need to have read thoroughly our tutorial (see How to do a Run), and experienced at least two runs as crew. Once you've met those two requirements, please contact Dale via email or at 914-693-7817.

For experienced run organizers, please use the link below to request run dates for the next quarter. Even experienced run leaders may want to go to Volunteers in How to do a Run for recruiting guidance.

Regarding run dates, we cannot accommodate more than six groups on any given night, and for the sake of the folks on the street, we try to spread out the volunteer groups as much as possible over the course of the quarter.

The listing below presents all of the scheduled runs from today through the end of the current quarter, and into the next quarter if that schedule is set. In general, run requests are due from member groups on the 10th of every third month, six weeks prior to the start of a quarter. So, for instance, run requests for the October-November-December quarter are due on August 10th. We give priority to those groups that get their run requests in on time.

Request a Run
December  |  January  |  February  |  March  |  April
Day Date Member Group Location Van
Sat    12/20/2014 New Rochelle High School New Rochelle, NY Silver 
Sat    12/20/2014 Nyack CBC Nyack, NY White 
Sat  AM  12/20/2014  Scarborough Presbyterian Church Scarborough, NY  
Sat  AM  12/20/2014 Holy Cross High School Flushing, NY  
Sat    12/20/2014  Ridgeway Alliance Church White Plains, NY  
Sat    12/20/2014 St. Andrew Kim Maplewood, NJ  
Sat    12/20/2014 DePaul HS Wayne, NJ  
Sat    12/20/2014 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Shelter Rock, NY  
Sun  AM  12/21/2014 Holy Innocents Youth Pleasantville, NY  
Sun  AM  12/21/2014 St. Francis de Sales Mc Affee, NJ  
Sun  AM  12/21/2014 SNUUC Freeport, NY  
Sun    12/21/2014 Capuchin Franciscans Brooklyn, NY White 
Sun    12/21/2014 Our Lady of Pompeii New York, NY Red 
Wed    12/24/2014 South Presbyterian Church Dobbs Ferry, NY White 
Wed    12/24/2014 Woodlands Community Temple White Plains, NY  
Fri    12/26/2014 St. Mary & St. Pachomious Coptic Church Stony Point, NY  
Fri    12/26/2014 Coptic Community Services Belleville, NJ  
Fri    12/26/2014 Levine Family and Friends Bedford, NY White 
Sat    12/27/2014 Bible Truth Church Bronx, NY Silver 
Sat  AM  12/27/2014 Family Run Peekskill, NY  
Sat    12/27/2014 Hitchcock Presbyterian Church Scarsdale, NY White 
Sat    12/27/2014 Greenburgh Hebrew Center Dobbs Ferry, NY Red 
Sat    12/27/2014 Holy Name of Mary Croton, NY  
Sat  AM  12/27/2014 Talmadge Church Men's Group Darien, CT  
Sun  AM  12/28/2014 Immaculate Conception Stony Point, NY  
Sun  AM  12/28/2014 Wilton Presbyterian Church Wilton, CT  
Sun  AM  12/28/2014 Trinity United Methodist Hackettstown, NJ  
Sun    12/28/2014  Leo Club Yorktown, NY 2V 
Tue    12/30/2014 St. Paraskevi Church Greenlaw, NY  
Tue  mini  12/30/2014 United Methodist Church New Canaan, CT White 
Fri    12/11/2015 South Presbyterian Church Dobbs Ferry, NY White 
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