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How to do a Run

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Volunteer Orientation
Special details for Sunday morning runs.

Volunteers for each run are the responsibility of the group organizer. Here are a few guidelines:

  • At least two adult leaders must be present on a run. Those leaders can train for the role by going on at least two runs as crew. If you're interested in becoming a run leader, contact Midnight Run or check the Schedule and contact an appropriate member group directly.

  • New run leaders are generally sent out with an experienced leader the first time to make sure that things run smoothly.

  • Exceptions are made for remote and out-of-state groups. Please contact Dale at Midnight Run.

  • Groups have anywhere from six to eighteen volunteers. The most common number is twelve, which we recommend because the participation level diminishes as the group approaches twenty, and small groups can have a difficult time handling the big stops.

  • The organizer can decide the appropriate minimum age for volunteers. We generally recommend high school age (fourteen) and older. There should be appropriate adult supervision for groups that include kids under eighteen.

  • All drivers must be twenty-one and over, with a clean driving record.

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