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Loading the van

Midnight Run owns three vans, and assigns them to volunteer groups as appropriate. These vans are loaned out for the evening clean and full of gas, and should be returned CLEAN and FULL OF FUEL. (This particular policy is sometimes overlooked. Hence the emphasis here.) Since there are seven runs most weekend nights, Midnight Run cannot lend vans to every group.

The vans can be picked up from the parking lot of South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry anytime after 1 pm on the day of the run. Dale will coordinate with you in email the pick-up of keys. Friday groups should return vans by noon on Saturday. Saturday groups should try to avoid returning vans between 9:30 am and noon on Sunday, as that is when South Presbyterian has services. Afternoon return on Sunday is generally fine.

Did we mention that they should be returned clean and full of gas?

Please print out our Vehicle Checklist, fill it out, and leave it on the dashboard of the van when you return it.

The three vans are:

  • Silver van — Basic Ford Transit with seating and cargo space through both the rear and side doors. Seating capacity is 8, though it can be rigged for 6, 10, 11, or 13 if you need more or less cargo space.

  • White Sprinter (Diesel) — High-top Sprinter diesel van with built-in shelving for easy sorting and storage of clothes. Seating capacity is 8. When loading this van, do not put anything heavy on the top two shelves in back.

  • Red van —Basic Econoline model with three bench seats and cargo space through both the rear and side doors. Seating capacity is 8, though it can be rigged for 11 if you give up cargo space through the side door.

Other notes:

  • Take two or three vehicles, if at all possible. More than that and you have difficulty navigating together through lights and city streets, and parking becomes problematic at some stops. And crowding everyone into one vehicle results in little room for cargo, and creates chaos distributing goods at the large stops.

  • Drivers must be over 21 and have clean driving records. See Volunteers.

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