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Homeless person

If you know Manhattan like the back of your hand, then you don't need the maps we've attached here. But you still need to read this section.

  • The stop list provided to you (in email, approximately two days before the run) is very specific. Please stick to it. That means go to each of the stops on the list in the order in which they're given. That order may not always be the most logical way to navigate the streets of Manhattan, but it is set in order to be fair to all those receiving goods on the street. (So, for instance, someone at a stop at the end of a list on Friday is the first one on a list on Saturday.)

  • Regarding timing, we generally arrive at our first stop in the city at about 10:00 pm and continue until the food runs out (typically around 1 am). Earlier arrival is certainly possible on weekdays, but much earlier and you'll get to the stops before the street folks have settled down for the night. And after about 2 am, most of the folks are hunkered down and less interested in being woken up to try on clothes, though leaving lunches is still appropriate on late stops.

  • Please obey traffic directives and avoid parking near private residences. See Neighborliness.

  • Here are a series of maps that can be useful for navigating the streets. We've divided the relevant regions of Manhattan into six overlapping sections. Most stop lists will be covered by one or possibly two of these maps:

And here are Directions to the Midnight Run office in Dobbs Ferry.

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