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Making Coffee

Each volunteer group is responsible for food preparation for its run. You may use the Midnight Run kitchen and containers, but you must leave them as clean as you found them. Here's what you'll need to prepare and bring:

  • Bag meals. Between 100 and 150. These should include:
    • A hearty sandwich. See fuller description in our Sandwich Guide.
    • Fruit. Something durable like an orange or banana. Apples are okay in some meals, but hard for those with missing teeth to eat. Individual fruit cups are okay (with spoon).
    • A hard-boiled egg or a high protein equivalent.
    • A juice box.
    • A dessert or two. Granola bars are fine, and sweet things—such as cookies, candy bars and brownies—are much appreciated.
  • Soup or chili. Three to five gallons. Should be hearty and hot.

  • Coffee or cocoa. Three to five gallons.

  • Bottled water. One or two flats.

  • Lemonade or iced tea. In warm months. Three to five gallons.

  • Paper cups and spoons to serve 75. Drink cup lids recommended.

  • A ladle for the soup.

If you have leftover food at the end of the run, you can leave it with one of the soup kitchens or shelters listed in Food Drop Locations.

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