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Sorting Clothes
Special details for Sunday morning runs.

Each group should supply as much of the men's seasonal clothes as it can, using the Midnight Run supplies as a supplement. All clothing should be thoroughly sorted before the night of the run—first by type and then by size. Best way to size is to staple tags of paper to the garment rather than writing on it directly. All packaging on new clothes should be removed so that there is no temptation for folks to sell what we distribute. Clothes should be arranged in open bins or boxes to ease distribution out of a crowded van in the wee hours.

We try to bring a full range of sizes on each run. But if you meet someone on the street who has an unusual request, see provisions for Special Order Runs.

Here's what you should collect and sort for a typical run, with the most essential items at the top (the priority of items changes with the season; this list applies to summer runs):

  • Durable pants.  Again, large sizes are preferred, but sort into waist sizes between 32 and 40 and above, with inseam size marked. Blue jeans are preferred over khakis. Mostly men's sizes, but bring five or so pairs of women's pants as well.

  • Shorts.  shorts with pockets (hiking shorts, cut-off blue jeans, etc.) are preferable to gym shorts. Bring a few, but they're less popular than pants.

  • Socks.  Tube socks, rolled in pairs. White or dark.

  • Underpants.   Jockey style. Sizes 32 through 42. Bring a few pairs of women's briefs as well.

  • Sweatshirts and long-sleeve shirts.  Large and extra large. Dark colors preferred. Hooded sweatshirts are especially useful.

  • T-shirts.   Medium through extra large. Any color.

  • Hats.   Knit and warm for winter. Baseball caps for summer.

  • Shoes.   Sizes 9 through 12 and above. Lightly worn sneakers or athletic shoes (no spikes), soft-soled shoes and work boots are preferred.

  • Belts.

  • Backpacks.   Not essential, but coveted by folks on the street.

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