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Back at HQ

The general rule on clean-up is to leave everything cleaner than the way you found it. That rule pertains to each of the following:

  • Stops. As cited in Neighborliness, bring garbage bags with you and clean up a stop as you prepare to leave.

  • Vans. In general, vans borrowed from Midnight Run should be empty (and full of gas!) when you return them. That means that clothes that weren't given away should be returned to appropriate shelves and extra bag meals should be distributed to one of the shelters or soup kitchens listed in Food Drop Locations.

  • Midnight Run Office. If you use Midnight Run soup/coffee containers, they should be left clean in 97 Main. Clothing bins should be returned to shelves. Since we have neighbors upstairs, you should be very quiet if you return to the office after a run. If you want to dump leftover soup, do it in the toilet, not the garbage. If you want to save soup, put it in thin plastic or metal containers, and in the refrigerator.

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