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Breakfast Runs
Morning coffee

Breakfast runs are a good opportunity to involve younger kids, generally fourth grade and above, in serving the homeless poor. On most Sundays (the preferred day due to ease of parking), we send one or two crews out to serve breakfast and distribute other essential items.

The key elements of a breakfast run are:

  • Group does only one stop, , assigned by Dale earlier in the week. Typically breakfast runs will see about 40 to 60 people in winter, 75+ in summer.

  • Flyers are distributed during the runs on Friday and Saturday nights, announcing the time and place of breakfast on Sunday.

  • The food is anything you want. Groups have carried scrambled eggs, ham, hash browns, pancakes and oatmeal, all pre-cooked and put in appropriate containers to keep warm. Some groups bring a variety of quiches, which are easy to prepare in advance and fine served cold. Other meats are popular, like sausage and bacon. Guys like pastries, everything from donuts to coffee cake to danish. Cold cereal is okay, particularly in single serve boxes, but only as an adjunct. Fruit salad is popular, as well as bananas and oranges. And of course coffee and juice, or hot chocolate in winter. Use your imagination, within reason. But do think through the mechanics of transportation and serving. Cold eggs are not popular. You can get by with cold food in summer, but in winter plan on having something hot.

  • Bring some clothing, but not the full range of what you bring on a Midnight Run. Since you're making only one big stop, make sure you have enough of whatever you bring to serve everyone. Take 50 or so of a couple of seasonally appropriate items—hats, gloves and sweaters in winter; t-shirts in summer; socks and underwear any time. And of course toiletries (and maybe blankets in winter).

  • You should arrive some time between 8 and 9 am. Let Dale know by the Tuesday before so that the arrival time can be reflected on the flyers. Set up two or three card tables to serve the food. After everyone has a first serving, give out the clothing. You should plan on staying about an hour, as some people will tend to wander in late.

  • It is best to use your own vehicle(s). If Midnight Run vehicles are available, you can take one (gassing it of course!), but breakfast run use is secondary to Midnight Runs.

  • Contact Dale to schedule.

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