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What to Contribute
Donated Blankets

Most of the goods distributed by Midnight Run are contributed by its friends and member groups. Here is a list of the items we need:

  • Clothing. Midnight Run sees far more men than women, and thankfully we rarely see children. We need ten items for men for every one for women. So our emphasis in contributions is on casual men's clothing. The most critical items are coats and pants, and larger sizes are particularly sought after, but we welcome all contributions. See Clothing in How to do a Run.

  • Food. We need durable items that are easy to store and are used on most Midnight Runs. Best bets are soup mix (big canisters), cocoa mix, coffee, bottled water, juice boxes, individual fruit cups, and individually packaged snack foods. For contributions of leftover food, go to Food Drop Locations.

  • Toiletries. We need sample or travel sizes of all basic personal care items. See Toiletries in How to do a Run.

  • Blankets. Midnight Run receives some bulk shipments of industrial strength blankets each year. Those satisfy a high percentage of the demand for blankets. But softer cotton (in summer) or wool blankets or quilts are very much appreciated. We can use towels and washclothes as well.

  • Cash. Midnight Run is principally built on volunteer labor and donated goods. But we do need cash to pay for our office space, our vans, our small staff, and the goods that we don't get via donation. We rely on the cash contributions of our member groups and friends to cover these expenses. Here are instructions on how to make a cash contribution.

  • Miscellaneous Items. Here's a list of other items that we need.

Anyone who has organized a clothing drive knows that you collect lots of stuff that you can't use. Here's a list of Places to Donate Goods Not Used by Midnight Run.

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